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Nepal Crisis

Following the earthquake in Nepal, back in April 2015, The Utley Foundation chose to donate £15,000 across three charities; British Red Cross, Unicef, World Food Programme.

Founder and trustee, Neil received a request email from UNICEF, requesting support following the earthquake in Nepal, requesting support to help those who had been affected by the tragedy.

The request was circulated amongst trustees and although it is not in the trusts charter to respond to international tragedies, Neil and the other trustees felt as though something should be done to support.

To UNICEF, £7,000 was granted for the good work they do in emergency situations, particularly the last major earthquake in Iran where a number of Narmali’s friends were involved.
The World Food Programme, £3,000 was granted. WFP are very well versed in effective response in emergency situations, such as getting food and housing to displaced people.

Finally to the British Red Cross who struck an appeal to provide vital services including food, shelter and water and sanitation assistance for 75,000 vulnerable people.

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