What We Do

The Utley Foundation makes grants across several key areas of interest to the trustees. The foundation is focussed on supporting and creating change in 4 key areas: Music and Dementia, Veterans, Children and International Aid.

Music and Dementia

The Utley Foundation has been supporting and championing the use of music and music therapy to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people living with dementia since it’s inception.

A recent focus is the launch of a sector wide Commission into Music and Dementia, with funding from the Utley Foundation to the International Longevity Centre.

The Commission brings together senior academics, politicians, researchers, practitioners and those affected by dementia, and has solicited the views of close to 1500 stakeholders across the dementia care and music therapy fields in total. It is envisaged that this Commission will clarify the gaps, needs and case for bringing Music and Dementia into the public forum so that this vital work can be scaled and grown.


A newer area of interest for the foundation thus far has been the support and re-adjustment of members of the armed forces as they leave the service.

The foundation has pledged support for established veteran support organisations as well as pursuing exciting new initiatives in this interest area.

The provision of mental health support as well as development of employable skills and movement into meaningful and fulfilling work for veterans has been a key focus for the foundation.


Alongside the other key interests of the trustees, the foundation has maintained widespread support for underprivileged, disabled and ill children.

The foundation aims to support causes that improve the life chances, and choices, of vulnerable children and their families. This commitment has seen the foundation support scholarships, educational initiatives and healthcare for children and it is envisaged that the foundation will continue to support this area in the future.

International Aid

The foundation is committed to working with projects overseas that aim to improve the lives of under-privileged and poverty-stricken communities, particularly in times of need.

The trustees are particularly focussed on supporting and driving initiatives that aim to improve the rights, education and access to healthcare for children, young people and women.

The Utley Foundation on music and dementia

Please note: The Utley Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications for funding. If you feel that your work fits with our priorities then please send us a short expression of interest, no longer than 2 pages. Please click here for contact information.

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